Baby’s First Birthday!

Happy FIRST Birthday Baby Girl!

This year has been filled with so much love, joy, and adventure.  I was able to take maternity leave for 6 months and I am grateful that I had that time with you.  There are many days I wish I could stay home with you, especially when your sick.  We have your one year check up later this week.  I can’t wait to see how much you have grown!

You love birthday cake!

You are a mama’s girl for sure.  I don’t know when this will change, but you absolutely want mom anytime I am in your view.  You will cuddle with me, sleep on me, take you food and bottles better from me.  I love how you say mama, but it usually is only when you want something or are sad/angry.

You love dad too, but it is less predictable.  He loves anytime you crawl over to him, read a book with him, or lay your head on him.  While you were sick this past week, you went to bed by laying on his chest for almost two hours.  It made him so happy and proud.

You are really good at climbing stairs, love fish, are such a good eater, will grab a book and crawl onto my lap, you can shake your head no. If mom and dad are eating you are determined to try whatever we have.  You will work your way over to our laps to try the food.  You love frosting!

This past week 4 teeth started coming in at the same time and you had no voice for 1-2 days. It has been a rough week, but I think your on the mend now!  You now have 6 teeth.

We went to Gymboree this past weekend and you have a very independent, fun, determined, outgoing, adventurous personality.  You like to go up to kids and play with them, you won’t allow anyone to take a toy from you, you love climbing and getting the balls and shakers.  You also love to dance to the music and crawl through the tunnels.  You won’t sit still and I’m often just as tired as you are when we leave Gymboree.


  • Books
  • Baths
  • Kids
  • The Park
  • Birds
  • Being outside
  • Climbing
  • The stairs
  • Walking along furniture and walls
  • All food- seriously, you will eat anything
  • Socks
  • Swimming
    She loves climbing these stairs!


  • Getting dressed
  • Having your face washed
  • When adults stare at you for too long


  • Shaking your head no
  • High Fives
  • 3-4 steps at a time, almost walking!
  • Tried Whole milk

Favorite Things:


We are celebrating her first birthday this weekend.  I will share an update next week!  Below are some earlier baby girl updates.

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