Throwback Thursday Kitchen Renovation

Within the first 6 months of moving into our new house we did a huge demo on the first floor.

First Floor Remodel

Our first floor remodel included getting rid of a popcorn ceiling in the living room, knocking down two walls, reworking the venting, and gutting and remodeling the kitchen.

Before pictures:

The walls separating the tiny kitchen and dining room  and the living room and dining room were all knocked down. We hired someone to do this work and the popcorn ceiling.  The popcorn ceiling is not very enjoyable.  We wanted someone to tear down the walls and reroute the venting, a really tough and time-consuming job.  After they knocked the walls down they also plastered and primed the wall for us. Here are some pictures of the work they completed.

When they finished, we were left with this nice canvas.


We should have redone the kitchen floors at this point, but we tried to save cost and keep the tile.  However, many of the tiles broke and this past year we ended up putting hardwood floors in the kitchen.  Ugh, definitely would have been easier if we had done it earlier, but we wanted to save some money.

Our Work

Mike was awesome with figuring out what to do next. I never could have done this remodel.  I was more of an assistant during this project.

Here are all the cabinets being delivered.

I think only one or two little things came damaged or were missing.  Luckily it wasn’t too hard to make it to Ikea and get a replacement.

Mike painting the new ceiling after the popcorn ceiling was removed. Look at the dead sad plant in this picture, it did not last the remodel.

Do you hang cabinets in a sweater and jeans?

Installation Time

I don’t have many pictures during the peninsula and cabinet installation.  The cabinets around the fridge were first, then the island, and then the cabinets by the oven, sink, and dishwasher. Getting that new fridge in the house, was almost impossible.

The counter tops are getting primed.

Countertops are stained and ready. Also, some finishing above the cabinets was completed.

The most nerve-wracking part.  Mike made the whole for the sink. Yes, he wore his collared shirt. Now, we have a patio in the backyard, maybe that will be next weeks throwback Thursday.  The yard used to be all grass.

Here is an almost final photo of the Kitchen.  You can see the dishwasher still hadn’t arrived. It was backordered forever.  Also, we have the old floors in this picture.  However, this is pretty much it.  We love the openness and all the storage we added.

If you want me to get more specific about this remodel, please ask!  Have you ever done a big remodel? Would you buy a fixer upper?

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