Throwback Thursday Months 7- 9

This is my last time recalling Baby C’s early life, haha its all early still, but we will be all caught up now! Baby C was 7-9 months during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so there were a ton of pictures to look through.

Loves:  You loved playing with tags and listening to music.  You love your teacher at daycare, so much that you were sad when dad would pick you up.  You loved taking baths, were a momma’s girl, loved the couch in your grandparents living room, and napping in mom and dads bed. You started standing and 7 months and it is pretty much all you like to do.

At the wedding we attended you loved the live band and dancing around.  You also had your own plate of veggies and applesauce. It was so nice!


You started to fall in love with the park. You loved being outside and seeing the kids.

Dislikes: You hated getting dressed, seeing mom in the same room and not being in her arms,  and having to wait for your bottle.

Favorite toys: Your favorite toys were your little people and the wood stacking toy from Germany.  It is basically like this toy from Melissa and Doug: Wooden Rings.   We love the Melissa and Doug toys!


Firsts:  At 7 months you started standing up and holding onto furniture. You attended your first wedding, went to Philadelphia, went on your second plane ride, had your first Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.  You started clapping on demand and waving.

Here we are at the wedding.  It was such a beautiful venue!


For Halloween you were a bear.  I wanted a costume that could still be worn this year!


You really started to explore places and hated being in one spot, you never really like to sit and play with a toy.  You were and are a mover and really keep us on our toes.

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