Throwback Thursday- Patio and Yard Renovation

We knew buying this house that the yard would need a renovation it was all grass and on a big slope, with no flat areas.  It would also get muddy in the winter and when it rained.  So, we tackled this project right after the kitchen renovation was finished.  Now, two years later looking back, I’m so glad we got this done.  We hired most of this project out to someone else.  We did however plant about 10-14 trees along the fence and wall.


Here are some pictures of the yard.  Mike measured and spray painted to get an idea for how big we wanted the patio.  Then we had three contractors come out, listen to our idea, and give us an estimate.  The estimates were all very different, you have to get multiple estimates.   Also, that shrub on the left looks so much healthier today! I’ll have to do a comparison of the yard and edit that it.

We planted the trees on the left of this photo, they have grown so much from 2015-2o17.


This project only took 2.5 days for the crew to complete. I think leveling the yard out was the hardest.  They also brought in a lot of dirt.  We actually ended up adding more dirt because we felt it was still took much of a slope.  There are many paver colors and I think we picked a color called Arizona a neutral/reddish tone.



Here is an ariel view from the roof, I totally forgot that we only did the patio, then the same crew came a few months later and added the wall to separate the yard and the driveway!


Check out the bushes on the left, see how much nicer and fuller they are in this picture.

Today, we have a bigger table and the grass is grown and the trees are bigger.  We still have to pave the driveway and we are added a planter under the window in the back of the house.

How have you updated your yard? What did you use to update your driveway?

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