Volunteering in Mexico

Throwback Thursday

In December, 2014 my husband and I went to Mexico to build homes.  I always wanted to do a volunteer trip like this and I was so excited to be able to do it with my husband.  In the past I volunteered in Ecuador and Vietnam, where I went by myself to teach ESL, but I’ll save these trips for another post.

We flew from Buffalo to Arizona and then rented a car to drive to Mexico.  This was both our first times in AZ and Mexico.  The drive was beautiful with all the cactus and mountains.  We weren’t used to this environment so we stopped for pictures often.

We spent 4 days building homes.  There was already a cement foundation, but we put up the exterior walls and interior framing, as well as the roof.  Some people also went shopping to fill some houses that were finished from an early group of volunteers.

Hi Mexico!

There were about 70 volunteers, so we were able to build 4 homes!

A Typical Day

We arrived at the work site by 9 and worked until lunch at 12.  Then we would drive somewhere local for lunch.  Lunch was usually an hour.  Then we made it back to the work site to work from 12-4.  The evenings were free.  We went swimming at the hotel pool, hot tubing, and ATVing. We also went out and enjoyed some food and on the last night there was a volunteer party.

Here is a look at what we started with on day 1!

I think this was day one too or morning of day 2.  That’s mike adding to the wall.

It was awesome to see so many families working together.  In 10 years maybe this will be us and our family.  I loved doing work and getting dirty and I learned a lot too.  I had no idea what went into building a home.  Additionally, it teaches you that you can do anything with a little instruction!

Here is mike getting planks ready for the roof.

You can see the house in the back has the roof almost done.


One evening, we had some ATV fun.

Mike and I took the ATV up a mountain and then enjoyed the views. Of course this picture doesn’t really show how big the mountain was!

Some beach time. It was chilly, so we walked along the beach or used the hot tub.

We drove back to Arizona on the last day and enjoyed this beautiful sunset before flying back to the east coast.


If you want more specifics about this trip just ask!

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