Weekend Recap

We had a really fun weekend in the sun!  So fun that I didn’t have time to blog until today, Tuesday!


On Saturday, we woke up and headed to the National Zoo.  It’s a great zoo, free, and we got too see Aunt Jolie who lives around that neighborhood.  Baby C loved seeing all the animals and would point and scream at the different animals.
I think the petting zoo was her favorite because she could get closer to the animals.  Also, they were more active then the other animals we saw.
The elephants were going on their elephant trail, which she really liked.  I also loved the sea lions.  We watched them under the water do flips and swim.  So fun! We will definitely be going back here again!
After the zoo we headed home to do some yardwork and cooking.  I did the cooking and made some food to put together in a Buddha Bowl.  I made sweet potatoes with all the spices, chicken, and roasted corn. I also mixed olives, avocado, lettuce, and some sour cream in there.
On Sunday, we started our day with a bike ride.  We rode our bikes around our neighborhood and checked out all the parks and beautiful homes.
After a quick nap, we went to Gymboree.  It was Baby C’s last class.  It was nice to have a membership during the winter, but now that we can play at all the different parks it’s not as necessary or really budget friendly.  Baby C loved it, especially the singing, the rocking horses and rocking boat.  She also loved watching the other kids play.  So maybe next winter we will join up again.
After Gymboree we headed to Tyson’s to make some returns and exchanges. We dislike going to the mall, but this mall is the only one near us with a Janie and Jack. We had to exchange some easter clothes for smaller sizes. I have no idea what I will wear for Easter, but Baby C is ready.  Trying on your Easter dress is such hard work.
Here is a nice summer dress.
New summer romper.  This girl is enjoying all the time outside!
How were your weekends? Any fun plans this coming weekend?
I hope to have a date night on Friday.  Maybe dinner and top golf?

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