Weekend Recap

Hi! I had a super busy weekend with many errands and a party.


Saturday started with some cuddles and books.

We spent two hours looking at fabric.  We want to recover a nice chair that we got from my parents.  Of course, the one we liked the most is sold out.  The others, we couldn’t decide on, so we have some samples being sent to us.

We enjoyed the Old Town St. Patrick’s Day parade from inside the fabric store.  A cold front came through this weekend, so watching it from indoors was nice. Caroline loved looking through the windows at all the kids, dogs, and music. I don’t have any parade pictures, but here are some walking around Old Town pictures.

Then we spent the rest of the Saturday at a friends birthday.


On Sunday we tackled our to-do list.  It included a workout, laundry, cleaning, a trip to Ikea and Wegmans, and taking Baby C to Gymboree.

Baby C is so close to walking, she has taken 2-3 steps a few times, but just won’t walk yet!

Brave girl standing with two toys in her hands.


How was your weekend?





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